The different types of attachments for your bracelet: The Guide

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There are a multitude of systems to correctly hold the bracelet on your wrist , allowing you to add an elegant and personal touch to your jewelry . we will see the different principles together so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

  • The Ardillon Buckle

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This is the most common locking system. The pin buckle is made up of a buckle on one side of the strap with a metal rod in its center. This will slip into the holes on the other side of the bracelet. The advantage of this system is to be able to adjust the size of the bracelet precisely in order to adapt it perfectly to your wrist.

Stylizyeur - Ardillon Buckle

  • The Magnetic Closure

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Since the dawn of time and over the ages, magnetism has always fascinated minds. Considered one of the great miracles of nature. The magnetic closure on your bracelet is achieved using a magnet located at each end of your jewel . it's like exert attractive forces with each other and therefore by approaching them, it simply sticks.

Stylizyeur - Magnetic Closure

  • The Slide

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The zipper allows an adjustment adapted to the size of your wrist . A buckle slides from the two ends of your bracelet allowing a large opening of this one. Slide this buckle to ensure the tightening and maintenance of your jewel to your wrist. The advantage of this system is that your bracelet can adapt to any type of wrist, thin, wide, adult or child.

Stylizyeur - Zipper closure

  • The clips

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Clips are a very common type of clasp. We have included in this category different systems used to close your bracelet . Whether we are talking about butterfly style deployment or simple clips , the use remains quite simple and generally has a lever which, by simply pressing, allows the connection and maintenance of the two ends of your fashion accessory.

Stylizyeur - Clip closure

  • The tightening rope

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This fastening system, generally made by hand , is a simple way to ensure the maintenance of your bracelet . A specific knot sequence between the two ends allows you to slide the ropes and thus tighten your jewel against your wrist . The main advantage and the large opening of your fashion accessory which allows you to easily insert your hand whether it is thin or wide.

Stylizyeur - Drawstring

  • The elastic

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Whether made of rope or metal, elastic is very common, especially in the manual manufacture of pearl bracelets or natural stone bracelets. An easy way to attach your bracelet which has the advantage of being stretchable to pass your hand then like a spring, to return to its initial position so that your jewel returns to its original shape.

Stylizyeur - Elastic tie

  • The Toggle Clasp

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Typically, the toggle clasp consists of a buckle on one end and an accessory on the other. By inserting the accessory into the buckle , the bracelet is closed , because without your intervention, the buckle cannot get rid of the accessory. This increasingly popular fastening method makes your bracelet trendy and fashionable . It is easy to use, but allows little adjustment for the tightening of your bracelet against your wrist.

Stylizyeur - Toggle clasp

  • The Bangle Bracelet

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This method is mainly used with metal bracelets. No intervention or attachment is present on your jewel . Thanks to its rigid circle or moon shape , the accessory cannot be removed when doing the opposite path with your hand. Very widespread in luxury bracelets , the method extends to all types of metal bracelets with original shapes.

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