Determining the right size for my new bracelet: The Guide

Stylizyeur - Choose the bracelet size

Choose the size of your bracelet , a simple but very important sentence to correctly select your new fashion accessory. All bracelet sizes that you can find are expressed in centimeters. To select the ideal size of your jewel , follow the few steps described below


  • Cut a strip of paper about 25 cm.

  • Wrap the strip of paper around your wrist.

  • Mark the paper where it completes the circle.

  • Measure from start to mark with a ruler.

You now know the perimeter of your wrist and we advise you to take a slightly larger size so that you are comfortable with your new jewel . Too small, you can't wear it. Too big, the bracelet will bother you, it won't stay in place properly and you wouldn't wear it at all.

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